A panel of business leaders discussed the future of transportation and how Des Moines will adapt to dramatic disruption and innovation in the transportation industry at the Business Record's Power Breakfast this morning at the Embassy Club in downtown Des Moines.

The panelists talked about the potential effects autonomous cars and other innovations could have on labor, manufacturing, shipping, parking, insurance and regional city planning.
The event featured the following panelists:
1. Paul Trombino - Director | Iowa Department of Transportation
2. Elizabeth Presutti - CEO | DART
3. Larry James - Governance Chair | Urban Land Institute Iowa
4. Todd Ashby - Executive Director | Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
5. Kerty Levy - President, OTGW LLC | Board member, Des Moines Airport Authority Board

To kick off the event, we asked each of the panelists to identify an innovation coming down the pipeline that could affect Greater Des Moines. In short, the innovations are coming faster than you might think.