Foster Group Inc., a West Des Moines fee-only investment advisory firm, was named to CNBC's inaugural list of the Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firms. Global business network CNBC partnered with Meridian-IQ, a New York-based database firm serving the investment advisory industry, to create the list, which ranked Foster Group as 13th in the nation. Foster Group, the only Iowa firm on the list, was recognized for its strong relationships with attorneys and strategic partners and its high number of advisers holding professional designations, among other achievements. The firm manages more than $1.45 billion in assets for its clients and has achieved a five-year annualized asset growth rate of 15.5 percent. Advisory firms were scored with a weighted formula on a variety of factors, including assets under management, extent of its staff's professional designations, work with third-party professionals, average account size, client segmentation, growth of assets, providing advice on insurance solutions, number of clients and years in business.