Net worth for households and nonprofits expanded by $1.9 trillion in the third quarter, rising about 2.6 percent to more than $77 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve,MarketWatch reported.


About $640 billion of the increase was from stocks. Another $500 billion was from real estate. Meanwhile, reserves for pension funds rose $360 billion and shares of mutual funds added almost $280 billion.


Although households and nonprofits enjoyed rising values across a broad range of assets, there were some exceptions. One notable drop was for U.S. Treasury securities, which cut $132 billion from their net worth in the third quarter, the first slump in two years.


The data had a dark side. A research note from Fannie Mae pointed out that wealth per household in the third quarter was about 2 percent below a 2007 peak, and that depressed real housing values may be curbing consumer spending.


Fannie Mae noted that real financial wealth per household has already reclaimed the peak it hit before the recession, but real housing wealth per household is still far below its peak - a divergence that favors upper-income households.