A lawsuit brought by former and current college athletes who want a share of NCAA revenues could hurt a school like Iowa State University more than a school like Ohio State University, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The lawsuit, led by former UCLA athlete Ed O'Bannon, asserts that the NCAA violated U.S. antitrust law by making money off player likenesses without the players getting a cut of the money. In a worst-case scenario for college athletic departments, the Journal article examines what would happen if a federal judge certifies the case as a class action, which would encompass thousands of athletes, and if the plaintiffs got the full 50 percent of the revenue they are seeking from major conference television rights. On one end of the spectrum, Ohio State, a big moneymaker in a big conference, would only lose 9 percent of its total athletic revenues for 2012. But Iowa State stands to lose 24 percent. The reason: Of Iowa State's $55 million in 2012 revenue, about $26 million came from television rights, a much larger percentage than Ohio State, which made $142 million in revenue and obtained $24.7 million for its broadcast rights.