A new fashion trend is set to sweep the business world this spring and summer – although maybe not in Des Moines.

It may seem a little, well, odd, but this one caught our attention: the shorts suit. A full suit: a coat and tie with matching shorts.

As office workers who pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest fashion trends, some Business Record employees have debated whether it would be appropriate to sport the shorts suit at work, at a dsm magazine unveiling party or even at a Business Record Power Breakfast event – of course, when the weather gets a bit warmer.

But, fear not, we listened to your responses to our online survey, and you won’t be seeing our bare legs anytime soon.

We asked: Should the shorts suit be acceptable in your office?

You responded: (via a Business Record poll)

an overwhelming and emphatic “no.”


“Where is the ‘Oh Lord, NOOOO!’ button?”
  – Andy TeBockhorst

“I don’t want to see guys’ hairy legs and mid-calf socks in the officeplace. I’ve seen short-sleeved suits worn by (men in Africa). That still accomplished the temperature function while looking so much more professional than shorts.”
  – Emilee Richardson

“This is like wearing socks with sandals.”
  – Shane Greenleaf

“If you’ve got the legs for it, why not?”
  – Michael Sadler