How do your company's benefits compare with others in your industry or by size of business? A composite score released by Clive research firm David P. Lind Benchmark uses benefits data submitted by more than 1,050 Iowa organizations to provide a single benchmark score based on employer size and industry. Known as the "Lindex" score, the number distills the results from Lind's annual Iowa Employer Benefits Study for each participating firm into a single number on a scale of 0 to 100. The second-annual statewide Lindex score, 72, was slightly lower than the average of 73 for 2012. Lower scores reflect fewer benefits offered at a higher cost to employees, while higher scores indicate more benefits being offered at a more competitive cost. Employers in the retail industry averaged the lowest score at 59, while employers in public education averaged 81. To read more about how the Lindex score is calculated, click here.