The Iowa College Foundation recently made its new internship and job portal, ICF Connect, available to employers and students at its 23 member schools. According to a news release, the portal was created to help Iowa companies meet their employment needs and keep student talent in the state. “When we visit with our corporate partners, our conversations typically include the likelihood of students attending our member schools staying in Iowa after they graduate. … We created ICF Connect to give these companies direct access to our students while educating our students about these companies from information the students will view as part of the employer profiles,” Ed Finn, president of ICF, said in the release. The release said ICF is in a position to address the present workforce challenges in occupations that are best suited for someone with a four-year degree. ICF is currently pre-populating the portal with about 400 companies and is working with career centers at member schools to encourage students to sign up for the portal. The portal is available on ICF’s website. Inquiries about accessing the portal can be sent to Finn at [email protected].