Workers want professional development opportunities that are wide-ranging, continuous and facilitated by their supervisors, according to results of a new survey of more than 500 U.S. employees by market research firm Clutch. 

Employees who are offered effective job development opportunities that meet their expectations are likely to be satisfied with their professional growth and improve at their job. A majority of employees surveyed — 57% — said they prefer learning new skills at in-person events, so companies should institute a strong in-office mentorship program, the report recommended. Additionally, 70% said they most enjoy pursuing job retraining opportunities during the workday rather than at after-hours events. 

Among some of the key findings: 

- More than 8 in 10 employees (84%) think their company should be very or somewhat involved in helping them build skills to complete their job successfully. Employers should offer both standardized and customized training opportunities to their employees.

- Two-thirds of employees (66%) believe their supervisor or direct manager is most responsible for ensuring workers have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a job successfully, underscoring the importance of managers and employees forming strong professional relationships.

- Nearly half of workers (43%) say completing company-sponsored retraining is the most important action they can take to build job skills and knowledge. If business retraining is relevant, engaging and flexible, employees are likely to participate.

Businesses can use this report to evaluate their current job development offerings and learn how to match their practices to employee expectations and industry standards.