Coaching and leadership training for emerging leaders remain two of the top training priorities among Iowa companies, according to an annual snapshot by ATW Training Solutions. 

The 13th annual Iowa Trends in Talent Development Survey includes responses from 152 companies in a variety of industries and organizations. The survey was conducted Aug. 5-23. 

Survey results indicate that over 94% of respondents expect their budgets for talent development to remain the same or increase in the coming year. These responses acknowledge the importance of hiring, training, engaging and retaining talent in their organizations in a time of near-historic low unemployment rates in Iowa.

Among top-priority training topics, coaching and developing emerging leaders topped the list, followed by conflict resolution and new employee orientation. Behavioral styles and career development are two additional topics identified as top priorities for next year.

The survey found that instructor-led classroom work remains most popular, with online courses and on-the-job training as the next options. That was consistent with previous surveys, with strengthened support. 

Other delivery methods showing gains include external training conferences, workshops and seminars, as well as working with a mentor. Declining in support were webinars, self-study, videoconferencing and teleconferencing. Compared with national results in the annual ATD “State of the Industry” report, Iowa companies rely significantly more on classroom instruction and rely less on using technology-aided instruction.