Americans are generally pretty satisfied with the cities they call home, and Greater Des Moines residents are among the most satisfied in the nation, according to data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Locally, 92.2 percent of Greater Des Moines residents said they were satisfied with the city in which they live, the eighth-highest satisfaction rate of the 189 metropolitan areas in which residents were surveyed.


And when asked whether they believed Greater Des Moines is getting better, 76.6 percent of respondents said yes, the second-highest rate of all the metro areas surveyed. Nationally, 59.7 percent of respondents said they believe the area where they live is getting better, which is higher than Gallup and Healthways have found in past years.


Given Americans' mobility, the high satisfaction rates aren't surprising, the report concluded. If people aren't satisfied with where they're living, they'll generally move if they have the means to.


Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo., headed up the list of most satisfied metro areas, with a 94.9 percent satisfaction rate. At No. 8, Greater Des Moines edged out Madison, Wis., and Honolulu, which ranked ninth and 10th, respectively at 91.9 and 91.7 percent.


Gallup interviewed at least 300 adults aged 18 and older in 189 metropolitan areas throughout 2012-2013. Each sample was weighted to match the demographic characteristics of that area.


Even in the least-satisfied metro area, Rockford, Ill., nearly three out of four residents reported being satisfied with their community.