HealthPartners, a Minnesota-based nonprofit health care company, has begun offering its virtuwell online clinic service to Iowa residents. Using the web- and mobile-based online program, users complete a short questionnaire to describe their symptoms, beginning with the question, "What do you think you have?" The information is reviewed by a board-certified nurse practitioner, who makes a diagnosis and develops a treatment plan, including a prescription if needed, within 30 minutes. The online clinic "reinvents the way people access care," said Kevin Palattao, vice president for virtuwell, which charges $45 for each virtual visit. The online clinic submits claims on behalf of each customer and offers free follow-up care and a money-back guarantee. HealthPartners is currently pursuing partnerships with Iowa insurers and group health plans, said Dan Foss, a company spokesman.  First launched in 2010, the service has treated more than 100,000 cases and is also available in to anyone living, working or traveling in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Dakota and Michigan.