The federal government's efforts to revamp how health care is delivered in America is just shifting costs, not solving the crisis of exploding health care costs, Holmes Murphy and Associates Inc. President Den Bishop asserts in a new book his company has published.


In the book, titled "The Book on Healthcare Reform: The Economic Truth of Healthcare in America," Bishop explores the economic fallout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, who has been - and will be - blamed for its shortcomings, where the impact of its implementation will be, and how alternative approaches might move the country forward toward a real solution.


Bishop said the controversial law, which will begin to broadly affect U.S. employers in 2014, is just the beginning of a larger discussion.


"Disease is the real driver of health care costs," he said. "Employers must use their influence as a provider of coverage to incentivize their employees to change their health care behaviors. The only chance we have of controlling costs is to prevent major diseases from occurring in the first place."


Bishop oversees the employee benefits national practice of the West Des Moines-based company, and is also CEO of an affiliate company, ACAP Health Consulting, which works with companies to assist employees in comparing the costs of medical procedures when seeking care.


Bishop wrote the book to provide more information for business owners. Holmes Murphy is distributing the book primarily to clients and prospective clients at seminars and is also providing copies to Greater Des Moines business leaders upon request, said Lori McMurray, a company spokeswoman.


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