Dawn Statton, left, and Heather Isaacson at Home Remedies’ recently renovated space in the East Village.
Dawn Statton, left, and Heather Isaacson at Home Remedies’ recently renovated space in the East Village.

One East Village-based business has found a niche in providing services for busy professionals and their family members to simplify their lives.

Catering to the “sandwich generation” of professionals, Home Remedies, a newly created division of for-profit community services provider Optimae LifeServices Inc., specializes in providing non-medical services that range from errands for busy professionals to home-care needs for their senior parents and college-preparation services for their children.

Program director Dawn Statton says the company’s menu of services includes personal care, home maintenance, teaching computer skills, lawn care and snow removal, housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, plant and pet care, and academic planning and mentoring,

“For some people, when we describe Home Remedies, they say, ‘Wow, that’s a lot,’” said Statton, who previously served in marketing and management roles with senior living centers in Greater Des Moines. “But really, the whole focus is on families.”

Heather Isaacson, Home Remedies’ director of academic planning and mentoring, previously had worked as an academic adviser for the Des Moines Independent Community School District.

“The idea is to have an adult who can provide one-on-one guidance for preparing them for post-secondary education,” Isaacson said. “It doesn’t matter whether the parents went to college or not; it can just be an overwhelming process for the family, and it’s a lot of work.”

As people use one type of service, they’ll be likely to discover and utilize other packages that Home Remedies offers, she said. “We feel there are limitless services that we could grow to offer, if our clients decide they have a need for them.”

In addition to its two coordinators, Home Services has so far hired two personal assistants. The hourly rates it charges are somewhat higher than what other home services businesses charge, reflecting the quality of the workers it hires, Statton said.

“The people we have hired and that we will hire are what will really make this a success,” she said. “Yes, anyone can learn how to prepare a meal or do housekeeping. But it’s that relationship going into that home, making that senior or family member feel comfortable.”