"The law is the biggest problem. There are so many different pieces that as a small business owner I will never feel comfortable that I am in compliance with all the different rules and regulations. It adds more overhead and my employees will also be confused by the new rules."
– Jim Kabel
president, Kabel Business Services

"Our biggest concern is the additional cost to administer the new health-care law to assure compliance."
– Daniel Boor
president and CEO, Scottish Rite Park

"This law helps the patients we serve, so our biggest concern is how best to serve our patients – mainly, how to help them navigate the world of “insurance.” Most of our patients are uninsured or underinsured."
– Laura Hessburg
health-care reform policy analyst

"The costs and future costs of this will have a huge impact on the way we do business and our plans to grow our business."
– Wayne Hansen
president, Control Installations of Iowa Inc.

"That the government will not issue their guidelines in a timely manner, therefore causing confusion and lack of time for companies to respond."
– Christy Dody
chief financial officer, Gilcrest/Jewett Lumber Co.