Here's a list of local people in the March 29 issue of the Business Record and the page number of the article in which they are mentioned. Members can read all of this week's stories at and can access the digital version of the paper by clicking here.

Kate Byus, 5    
Kim Augspurger, 5   
Loren Bawn, 9   
Mona Bond, 9   
Claudia Cackler, 4   
Rowena Crosbie, 11   
Megan Culver, 11   
Brenna Finnerty, 9   
Peggy Fleming,10    
Jed Gammell, 11   
Eric Heininger, 9   
Tim Hickman, 5   
Heather Jones, 4   
Adam Kaduce, 5   
Chris Kramer, 6   
Mary Kramer,10    
Janette Larkin, 11   
Mike McCoy,10    
Reo Menning, 11   
Jaimie Miller,10    
Sherri Nielsen, 9   
Jackie Norris, 9   
Jerry Perkins, 13   
Diane Ramsey,10    
David Spalding ,4   
Georgia Van Gundy, 9  
Wendy Wintersteen, 4   
Geoff Wood, 5