What are your goals in your role at your company? 
Being in the business of selling fun, we’re always striving to find new ways to bring memorable experiences to our guests. Sometimes these changes are as obvious as roller coasters and waterslides or as overlooked as nursing stations for new mothers and restroom remodels. 

What are your goals for your community involvement? 
I’m constantly looking at ways of extending Adventureland’s reach into the community. Whether this is hosting single-day events or monthlong productions like Jolly Holiday Lights, the size of our facility and seasonal nature of our business uniquely situates us to be a great partner for many organizations. 

What’s your biggest passion, and why?
Growing up in a family business, family has always been at the core of everything I do. Whether it’s working together, vacationing together or just a simple dinner, I’ve never questioned who are my closest advisers or the people who will never let me down.

What is it that drives you?
Having had such an inspirational father, my drive to pursue success is directly linked to an innate desire to make him proud. After his passing in 2006, I’ve never questioned the impact I wanted to have on the local community both charitably and professionally.    

What are your future aspirations?
Year-round indoor waterpark. Expand the Adventureland experience throughout Iowa’s winter months.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1. Mike serves on the board of Mentor Iowa, passionately reviewing Marty Lester’s work.
2. Mike was given the Tidrick Honors award for his contributions to the organization in 2016. 
3. In 2015-16, he played a key role in the construction of the Monster roller coaster at Adventureland and the development and launch of Spectators Sports Bar and Grill in Altoona. 
4. During the winter of 2015, Mike’s wife, Kim, flippantly asked him why he couldn’t do anything about Jolly Holiday Lights closing due to flooding. In 2016, Jolly Holiday Lights moved to Adventureland and experienced record attendance.