What are your goals in your role at your company?
As an attorney, my goal is to advocate for each of my clients to help them get the fair treatment they deserve after their workplace rights have been compromised. As a legislator, I work to do the most good I can for my constituents and the state as a whole in influencing Iowa public policy.

What are your goals for your community involvement?
I’m passionate about improving community service and involvement. I try to support and participate in as many activities and projects as I can that help bring people together to the benefit of their community.

What’s your biggest passion, and why?
I’m passionate about justice. Social justice, economic justice, justice in the workplace, and of course, justice in our judicial and legislative processes. I strive to achieve justice for my clients as an attorney and hope we do justice by our citizens in the lawmaking process, too.
What is it that drives you?
My motivation has been about making a difference in people’s lives. It’s something that I undertake in my law practice — something that means so much to that individual client who has had his or her life devastated by an injury and needs someone to stand up for them. Every one of us is capable of doing something that can matter a great deal to someone else in that person’s time of need. 

What are your future aspirations?
I’m focused on working hard to do the best things I can with the roles I’ve been blessed to play in state government and in my law practice. Each role frequently presents new challenges to conquer and new goals to achieve, and it is my hope to do the best I can with those opportunities.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1. I’m very proud of the work I have done in my jury trials and workers’ compensation case victories for clients, but the top was achieving a unanimous Iowa Supreme Court ruling with my law partner, Mark Hedberg.
2. In public service, I’ll always be in awe of receiving the trust of my community and being elected to serve in the Iowa Senate.
3. I am very proud to have taken the lead on efforts to revitalize the Byard Braley Scholarship for injured workers and their families.
4. Finally, as a personal challenge, completing 13 marathons in 2013 was certainly a time that I pushed myself in outside the workplace and community involvement efforts that have tended to be more of my focus.