What are your goals in your role at your company?
In my role as a commercial underwriter, much of my focus will be concentrated on the growth of small businesses. Additionally, as co-chair of Nationwide’s Community Engagement Council, I will suggest and execute innovative ideas on enhancing our local United Way campaign to support a stronger community.

What are your goals for your community involvement?
I am most dedicated to youth mentorship by exposing them to impactful opportunities that enrich their lives. I will leverage community relationships to ensure that our youth have the resources they need to be successful adults.

What’s your biggest passion, and why?
My biggest passion is aiding youth and my peers in discovering opportunities that they may not know exist. I attribute this passion to the numerous people who have deposited both their time and resources into me, resulting in many positive life-changing outcomes. Interacting with role models who believed in me, more than I believed in myself, has been imperative to defining my purpose.

What is it that drives you?
As a high school senior, while playing Monopoly with my favorite teacher, she shared her observations of my unique leadership style and approach to the game. She provided me with insight that a career in the financial services industry and a commitment to helping others  are two areas that I would excel at. She was spot on.

What are your future aspirations?
I have aspirations of developing a comprehensive college preparatory program for young African-American males. This program would focus on the developmental stages of young men, with a strong concentration on professional workplace behaviors. I would leverage community partnerships to secure internships and postgraduate employment for them.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1. Has served as a board/council member for a number of nonprofit organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Oakridge Neighborhood, Young Professionals Connection, University of Northern Iowa College of Business, Greater Des Moines Partnership, and numerous committees.
2. Recipient of the 2015 President’s National Volunteer Service Award.
3. Committed more than 500 hours of community service each year for the past four years.
4. Serves as co-chair and steering committee member for the Nationwide Community Engagement Council and the National Network of Black Associates.