The rate at which outpatient antibiotic prescriptions were filled from 2010 through 2016 declined 2 percent among Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield commercially insured members, compared with 9 percent nationally, according to a new study by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Data also show Wellmark members filled 5 percent less in broad-spectrum antibiotics, used to treat a wide range of bacteria, compared with a 13 percent decline nationally. Pediatricians have led the way in curtailing antibiotics, with prescriptions filled for children dropping 9 percent in Iowa. Nationally, prescriptions filled for children dropped 16 percent, and newborns and infants (up to age 1) declined 22 percent, according to a release. Greater Des Moines led the way among Iowa cities, with a 20 percent drop in antibiotic prescription, a 28 percent drop in broad-spectrum antibiotics and a 26 percent drop in pediatric antibiotic prescriptions. Declines also were reported in Iowa City and Sioux City, while the survey found a 29 percent increase in antibiotic prescriptions in Cedar Rapids, a 38 percent increase in broad-spectrum antibiotics and a 61 percent increase in pediatric prescriptions.