Annuity and life insurance provider FGL Holdings today unveiled a comprehensive rebranding initiative aimed at raising its visibility in a crowded and complex financial marketplace.

In a rebranding campaign that underscores a new emphasis on simplicity, the Cayman Islands-based holding company has changed the name of its Des Moines-based operating company from Fidelity & Guaranty Life to F&G. The insurer, which serves more than 700,000 annuity and life insurance customers in the United States, also introduced a new tagline: “Experience the power of collaborative thinking.”

“At F&G, we live our brand everyday by collaborating with our distribution partners to help our policyholders plan for their future and achieve financial independence,” F&G President and CEO Chris Blunt said in a release. “Our new brand conveys the commitment we have demonstrated over the past 60 years to offering great products that help hundreds of thousands of Americans to achieve their hopes and dreams.”

Blunt, most recently senior managing director and CEO of Blackstone Insurance Solutions, was named the company’s president and CEO in December. Click here to read a Business Record Insider article about Blunt’s appointment.

F&G retained Siegelvision, a brand identity and simplification firm founded by Alan Siegel, author of “Simple – Conquering the Crisis of Complexity” as well as the best-selling "Wall Street Journal Guides to Understanding Personal Finance." Siegel has said that “Simplification is all about eliminating the totally unnecessary to reveal the thoroughly useful.”

“We are positioning F&G for the future by building on our core strengths,” said Diana Hickert-Hill, F&G’s senior vice president of marketing, investor relations and communications. “Through our research, distribution partners told us how they value our collaborating with them to offer effective solutions for clients. Our new brand reflects this differentiation by being bold, clear and confident in the crowded and confusing insurance marketplace.”

Fidelity & Guaranty became an Iowa-based company when it moved its headquarters from Baltimore to Des Moines in 2013, two years after being acquired by Harbinger Group Inc. F&G came under new ownership in late 2017 through a $1.84 billion acquisition by an investment group led by William Foley Jr., chairman of title insurance company Fidelity National Financial, and Chinh Chu, a former partner of private equity company Blackstone Group LP.