The Global Insurance Accelerator announced today the seven insurtech startups that will participate in its ninth 100-day hybrid accelerator program beginning Jan. 11.

The equity-based accelerator focuses on fostering innovation in the insurance industry. Each of the seven startups will receive mentorship from insurance executives and professionals from all lines of business, along with a $50,000 investment. Since the program began in 2015, the GIA has invested over $2.7 million across 58 startups, according to the blog post announcing the 2023 cohort.

The 2023 cohort members:
  • Amelio Health uses analytics-driven insights from a learning management system, wearable data and live health coaching to drive better outcomes for those on claim with chronic pain.
  • Informedic is building a web application that will extract all of the relevant information from medical records and make a preliminary decision as to whether the underwriter should accept the applicant.
  • Invive is an AI-driven startup that uses the science of aging to help life insurers improve the accuracy of their underwriting and strengthen their customer engagement.
  • Lightship Neuroscience is helping auto insurers create safer roadways with its new class of neuroscience-based analytics predictive of brain performance while driving.
  • ReBLDing is a multimarket service for homeowners, contractors and insurance companies that helps keep track of project costs and records.
  • ReFocus AI is a machine learning platform that pinpoints which policyholders are most likely to leave at their expiration date with 90% accuracy up to six months before the renewal date.
  • Soft Edge offers automatic hail damage detection and precise measuring of damage area using AI and ML on mobile devices.

“Coming in as the new Managing Director this year, I am so honored to announce this group of amazing founders as the first class our team will have the opportunity to work with,” Dan Israel, managing director of the GIA, said in a blog post. “Our continued focus on providing founders with the ability to participate in a hybrid program - spending time both in Des Moines as well as returning home (globally this year), has allowed us to attract founders who are primed to change the industry. As we build our team with new staff and expertise, I am excited to see how much progress this group will make over the next 100-days - and beyond!”

The GIA announced Monday that Jim Lewis, a founder of multiple startup companies and an alumnus of the 2019 GIA accelerator program, has joined the GIA’s leadership team as alumni director, a newly created role focused on building a more comprehensive alumni support model.

The selection committee for each GIA cohort is made up of the GIA’s 10 insurer investors and two outside board members.

“Innovation for the insurance industry continues to be at the forefront of thinking for the investor companies of the Global Insurance Accelerator,” said Dave Wingert, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co. and board chair for the GIA. “It’s as important, or even more so, now as when the GIA started with our first cohort ten years ago. We are excited to learn more about the ideas the start-ups have and how we can partner with them to help accelerate their progress in one hundred days.”

The GIA will conclude the 2023 program with final presentations during the Global Insurance Symposium on April 19, 2023.