Corridor Business Journal: On an evening dedicated to telling stories, the organization formerly known as the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce announced it would write itself a new one. The newly rebranded Iowa City Area Business Partnership unveiled the opening pages of a new chapter at its 2020 annual banquet held at the Coralville Marriott and Convention Center last night. Along with a new identity, the group – which hopes to go by the Business Partnership or simply the Partnership, for short – rolled out an eye-catching blue and orange “interlocking location pin” logo and a reimagined mission focused on collaborative connection, advocacy and engagement. The changes are intended to better describe what the organization does, how it interacts with member businesses and the community, and, in the words of keynote speaker, award-winning writer and storyteller Akwi Nji, use “the power of story to captivate people, engage them, pull them in and make them want to know more.”