Businessman John Vratsinas has cleared more than $6 million in liens relating to nonpayment of withholding taxes in recent months, but his human resources companies have not made federal and state tax payments for two New Jersey home health care businesses, according to lawsuits in Polk County District Court.

West Des Moines-based ICL Staffing LLC, its parent company Iowa Construction Logistics LLC and Vratsinas, as their majority owner, failed to pay federal and New Jersey state taxes for Gracious Home Care LLC and Home Care With Love Inc., an attorney for each company argues in separate lawsuits filed April 30.

Urbandale attorney Julia Ofenbakh said in the lawsuits that the companies contracted with Vratsinas' businesses in December 2010 for payroll services, including the payment of withholding taxes. Ofenbakh was a founder of Home Care With Love, according to her website, and serves on its board of directors.

"During this contractual relationship, Vratsinas was aware, or should have been aware, that he was profiting by withdrawing the money designated for payroll taxes from (Gracious Home Care) and failing to pay the IRS and the state of New Jersey the amount due," according to one of the lawsuits.

Gracious Home Care claimed $12,180 in damages, plus accruing penalties and fines. Home Care With Love claimed $43,701 in damages and claimed that Vratsinas converted $32,964 by withdrawing money that was designated for payroll taxes. 

Vratsinas formed Iowa Construction Logistics in 2001 to provide employment services for the construction industry, including his John Vratsinas Commercial Builders Inc. In a separate lawsuit, a Polk County judge recently ordered the liquidation of the construction company, with proceeds distributed to shareholders. Vratsinas also was ordered to pay $1.5 million to two former shareholders.

In 2008, Iowa Construction Logistics spun off a company called ICL Staffing, and expanded its services from leasing employees to the construction industry to handling human resources for a broad range of businesses. Under a complicated corporate structure, the companies operated as InFocus Partners.

In December 2011, Vratsinas created ICL Staffing Inc. and registered it in the state of Delaware. At the time, InFocus Partners experienced a division of labor of sorts, with its payroll services handled by ICL Staffing LLC and ICL Staffing Inc. acting as a professional employer organization that offered a full range of human resources services.

Since late last year, the IRS has released $6.1 million in liens that were filed against Vratsinas individually and against his human resources companies after payroll taxes were not paid for clients.