The U.S. Postal Service said it wants to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. The business community's reaction?


Preliminary responses to the Business Record's online poll show that 87 percent of 55 responders to Wednesday's question said that discontinuing Saturday mail delivery would not be a problem for them. The rest of respondents listed it as somewhat of a problem, but no one listed it as a big problem.

Dr. Bob Stouffer, superintendent of Des Moines Christian Schools, wrote: "As a taxpayer, I am personally pleased that the U.S. Postal Service is actually taking dramatic steps to cut costs. The Postal Service also needs to determine ways that they can join the electronic revolution."

"No impact. Should have done this years ago," wrote Connor Flynn, chairman of Lessing Flynn Advertising Co. "In fact, they could skip one or two more and it wouldn't affect our business."

D. Bryan Shiffler, manager of Shiffler Associates Architects, PLC, wrote: "It is way past time the Postal Service took this action. No one else but government would have run their business this way."

Chris Mudge, executive director of the Iowa Newspaper Association, told the Des Moines Register that Iowa's 270 community newspapers would be affected. Many of the papers publish an edition on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, then deliver the papers by mail. Mudge said the loss of Saturday service means those papers wouldn't arrive until Monday or Tuesday.

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