Des Moines law firm LaMarca & Landry P.C. has filed a class-action lawsuit that alleges a Georgia-based company has overcharged possibly thousands of Iowans for medical records requests. The petition, filed April 23 in Polk County District Court, alleges that HealthPort Technologies LLC violated state law by charging per-page amounts that exceed the actual expense to prepare duplicates, and by charging a "basic fee" for delivery of each medical billing statement requested. The lawsuit, filed by the firm on behalf of several of its personal-injury clients, also alleges that HealthPort charges an "electronic delivery fee" that is not related to the actual expense of postage incurred. In 2008 the Legislature enacted a statute that limits the fees that can be charged for medical record services. The plaintiffs are seeking an injunction on HealthPort as well as refunds of amounts unlawfully collected. The case is Gerald P. Young v. HealthPort Technologies LLC.