Does your job make the list?


CNNMoney today released a list of the occupations with the largest pay raises over the last 30 years, a list heavy on positions in the medical field.


Four of the 10 occupations on the list had something to do with medicine, including No. 1, which was the position of a doctor. The 2012 median wage for a doctor was $98,124, up 276 percent from the 1983 median wage of $26,104. Of note, inflation for the same period grew 131 percent.


Also representing the medical field were the occupations of pharmacist, dental assistant and registered nurse.


Of note to the finance- and insurance-heavy town of Des Moines, the position of accountant came in at No. 10 on the list. Computer programmer came in at No. 6, at a time when many in the technology sector say there is a severe shortage of tech workers.


Also of note, some professions such as CEO and personal financial adviser were excluded from the list due to a lack of data.


The list was compiled from a CNN analysis of 45 professions using figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.