If you’re on Sen. Chuck Grassley’s mailing list, you would have seen one of his “In case you missed it” items this weekend highlighting a New York Times article that details the stalled efforts by Congress and the president to act on prescription drug price reform. As the Times’ Noah Weiland wrote: “When President Trump visited Senate Republicans last month for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began ripping across the country, Senator Charles E. Grassley, the powerful chairman of the Finance Committee, confronted him about whether he still wanted to fulfill his years-old promise of lowering the cost of prescription drugs. ‘You started this whole process,’ said Mr. Grassley, an Iowa Republican who had drafted such a plan, and whom Mr. Trump had taken to calling early in the morning to discuss the issue. ‘Are you still interested in signing a bill?’ The president said that he was, according to a person in the room that day, adding that the Senate had ‘no choice’ but to act.”