District Judges Sean McPartland of Cedar Rapids and Lawrence McLellan of Des Moines have been selected for the Iowa Business Specialty Court, according to a release.

Their selection follows the retirement of Judge Annette Scieszinski, an original judge on the business court. The two other original business court judges, Michael Huppert of Des Moines and John Telleen of Le Claire, remain on the business court. McPartland, who was appointed district judge in 2008, serves in District 6. McLellan was appointed district judge in 2012 and serves in District 5C. 

The primary aim of the Iowa Business Specialty Court is to move business or complex commercial cases through the court system expeditiously, with lower costs for litigants, and with more efficient use of judicial branch resources. The Iowa Judicial Branch has accepted 48 cases into the business court since the project began accepting eligible cases on May 1, 2013.

The Iowa Supreme Court based its selection of McPartland and McLellan on their educational backgrounds, judicial and trial practice experience in complex commercial cases, and personal interest in the project.