Des Moines-based Kemin Industries has acquired Proteus Industries Inc., a California-based food technology company, in a move that company officials say will expand its product offerings and production capabilities as it adds sustainable clean technology to its portfolio. According to a news release, Proteus Industries was founded in 2001 as a food and ingredient technology company that developed protein ingredients to improve yield, nutrition and quality in various meat and poultry applications. It is a different company than Des Moines-based Proteus Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves immigrant, underserved and low-income populations in Iowa, Nebraska and Indiana. Kemin makes specialty ingredients for human and animal health and nutrition, pet food, aquaculture, nutraceutical, food technologies, crop technologies, textile, biofuels and animal vaccine industries. Marc Scantlin, president of Kemin Food Technologies – Americas, said Kemin has retained the entire Proteus team, including CEO Bill Fielding, who was named general business manager. “Together, we will work to further develop this exciting technology, providing a sustainable protein source and new solution for our customers, while meeting an important need in the marketplace,” Scantlin said in the release.