Cablevey Conveyors, a global specialty conveyor manufacturer, announced that its manufacturing facility in Oskaloosa will add a second shift for the first time, enabling the Oskaloosa-based company to double its production capacity to meet increased demand. The 50-year-old company designs, manufactures and services various components for enclosed tubular drag cable conveying systems for the food, beverage and industrial processing industries, with sales in 66 countries. “Increasing capacity with a second shift enables us to meet our expanding customer bases’ delivery dates,” said Brad Sterner, CEO of Cablevey Conveyors. Cablevey has invested in new technologies such as automated fabrication and assembly centers to accommodate the added shift, and is currently hiring to bring its manufacturing headcount to 20 workers. In a market study of 200 food facilities released last quarter by Cablevey, 91% reported business growth in the past year. Globally, the food processing equipment market anticipates a compound annual growth rate of 6.1% through 2028.