Sukup Manufacturing Co., based in Sheffield, announced that it has acquired certain assets of Global Fabrication Inc., a full-service fabrication facility in Hampton. The investment will enable Sukup, a leading maker of grain storage, drying and handling equipment, to double its manufacturing capacity for catwalks, towers and other structural products while maintaining a commitment to employment in north-central Iowa, the company said in a release. Financial terms were not disclosed by the family-owned company. The existing 70,000-square-foot facility in Hampton is currently accepting applications for additional employees, with plans to have the facility fully operational this month. The Hampton facility currently employs 40 people; a Sukup spokesperson said the company is still evaluating how many additional hires will be made. In January, Sukup announced plans to open a new 30,000-square-foot facility in Hampton. Steve Sukup, president and CEO of Sukup Manufacturing, said: “This is the second facility expansion Sukup has announced in 2021, and we believe this investment in our manufacturing facilities is a positive sign of continued growth as a company. Ultimately, our goal is to create products that help farmers feed and fuel the world, and this additional space and personnel is necessary to meet demand. One of our top priorities in this acquisition is to retain many of Global Fab’s current employees. We look forward to a smooth transition, and adding manufacturing capacity for our material handling products.”