A new report compiled by a consortium of Iowa employers found that the quality of Iowa's health care is high when compared with other states, but that quality varies widely depending on where people receive care. 


Also, consumer data about Iowa physicians and physician groups is virtually non-existent, according to Health Policy Corporation of Iowa (HPCI), a consortium of 20 large self-insured Iowa companies.


The organization has compiled a 36-page factbook, a "Chartbook of the Quality and Financial Performance of the Health Industry in the Greater Iowa Area," which details a number of measures of the health-care industry in Iowa and its surrounding markets.


"We were surprised at how little information there was about physicians or physician groups about quality or cost," said Paul Pietzsch, president of HPCI, whose members represent 20 large self-insured companies in the state, among them Hy-Vee Inc., CDS Global and American Enterprise Group Inc.


The report, which HPCI is distributing free on its website as well as in print form, contains data from a number of national and state resources related to health insurance costs, insurance companies' market share and health-care quality measures. Pietzsch said his organization hopes the first report will provide a benchmark for future updates.