By Joey Taylor Moon | Director of marketing, Hubbell Realty Co.
As I listened to advertising icon Nancy Vonk speak at a recent AMA Iowa luncheon, I reflected on my mother -- a wonderful mentor in getting my career started -- and my children as people who shape me into a "juggling master."

Nancy, co-founder of leadership training company Swim and former co-CCO of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto, got to the Cannes stage and Ad Age's 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising list by becoming an excellent juggler herself.

She told the sold-out room about a path to a better career and life journey built on bending, breaking and ignoring the invisible rules of business that trip women up.

She shared her team's early work on Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. The ads were groundbreaking and the campaign remains worth exploring as a tangible outcome of her pursuit of an authentic and distinctive path.

Her career, including six years of research on leadership, produced a list of 12 invisible rules -- choose career or family, women are not worth as much as men, networking is a men's game, etc. -- that she captured in "Darling, You Can't Do Both." The book offers a guide to breaking these rules with bits of advice that are achievable for women at any level in their careers.

I encourage you to study the Dove campaign, read her book and take to heart her distilled advice:

1. Get a life: Seek balance to achieve what's important, including stepping away from work.

2. Say what you really think: Don't be afraid to say no, or to be wrong.

3. Make your excellence visible: Most importantly, ask for what you want.

The marketing industry's evolution includes women in leadership roles as the rule instead of the exception. Nancy's advice is golden for my peers, including men. As Nancy highlighted, progress for women comes in collaboration with men, who can also benefit from these insights to create more success for all the 'juggling masters'.

Joey Taylor-Moon is director of marketing at Hubbell Realty Co. and president of AMA Iowa. At Hubbell Realty she provides strategic and tactical leadership and direction in the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the organization. This includes strategies and projects to promote the various business units to targeted audiences including consumers, businesses, communities, media and team members. A graduate of Drake University with a B.A. in journalism and mass communication and an M.B.A. from Drake University, Joey actively seeks out educational opportunities that expand her knowledge and expertise, which is critical in today's business environment. In addition to serving on the AMA Iowa Board, Joey has volunteered with the Count the Kicks organization.