By Ellen Willadsen | Chief financial officer, Holmes Murphy & Associates

What do pajamas, Doris Day, beer, women in business and my hometown have in common? Textile Brewery in Dyersville, that’s what! A new brewery opened in Dyersville earlier this year, and it brings together history and progress for women.

Allow me to explain — let’s start with pajamas. Textile is built in an old pajama factory — not just any pajama factory, but a factory with an interesting past. Richard Bissel, author of the book "7 1/2 Cents," was the son of the manager of the sewing factory in the early 1900s. The book is about the women of the pajama factory in Dyersville who walked out in 1916 over a 7 1/2-cent pay discrepancy.

Now on to Doris Day. Doris Day starred in the movie "The Pajama Game," which was based on Bissel’s book. The musical won several Tony awards.

I had an opportunity to try out the beer at Textile Brewery last weekend, and it was quite tasty.

The co-owner and manager, Carol Olberding, was careful to preserve the history of the building and contents. You may see the movie playing and enjoy a beer in front of an original sewing machine.

So, whether you’re cozying up next to a fire with a good book (perhaps "7 1/2 Cents"), watching the movie or enjoying a cold beer, keep in mind how actions like the walkout affected generations that followed. It’s a great time of year to support our women-owned businesses. Who knows, one of them may just have a movie written about them.

Ellen Willadsen joined Holmes Murphy & Associates in 1995. As chief financial officer, she assists in all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, evaluation of potential acquisitions, cost benefit analysis, and Holmes Murphy’s overall vision of growth. Willadsen also serves on the Holmes Murphy Executive Committee and as a director on Holmes Murphy’s board. A graduate of the University of Iowa and a certified public accountant, Willadsen is an active participant in the United Way Women’s Leadership Connection, where she serves on the Investment Committee, and with the Iowa Society of CPAs, where she serves on the CPE Committee.