Erica Cole, a senior at the University of Iowa, is proof of the old adage that necessity is the mother of invention. Des Moines Register 

Grand View University athletic director Troy Plummer announced last week the university will add a women’s wrestling program. Des Moines Register 


The 116th class of Congress broke barriers before its members even set foot in Washington.CNN Politics 

Women with cardiac emergencies are less likely than men to receive proper treatment when the ambulance arrives, a new study reports. New York Times 

The three fastest-growing sectors since December 2016 have been the three that are most male-dominated: mining, construction and transportation and utilities. Yet in the same period women’s employment has increased more. It turns out that women are moving into these male-dominated fields, as well as a few others. New York Times 

A New York law will give fathers access to changing tables in public restrooms, with the new rule going into effect this year. People