Hillary Hughes has been described as a role model for early career success and civic engagement. But she said the most important things in her life are her faith and her family, which includes her husband and two young children, and that she continually works to achieve the right balance between her professional career, community involvement and family life. Cedar Rapids Gazette

After losing her mother to cancer, Niki Sinn recently made the decision to re-open their Altoona day care. Des Moines Register 

Ali Cakes Bakery in Ames plans to close its doors on Dec. 29. The bakery has operated since 2015 and even appeared on the Netflix show "Sugar Rush." Ali Cakes owner Alison Kanealy said she has decided it is time to end her bakery’s journey in downtown Ames, and move to the next phase of her life. Ames Tribune 


Women candidates certainly made history in the 2018 midterm elections, but women voters did, too: The gender gap was the greatest it has ever been for women voting for the Democratic Party. The Lily 

Military veterans performed well enough in this month’s midterms, but women veterans were the real winners. Time 

Men outnumbered women 2 to 1 as event speakers over the last five years, a survey by event software company Bizzabo found. Of the 60,000 speakers the company analyzed at mostly private sector events in 23 countries, 69 percent were male. NPR