To tell you that Jason Giles practices in corporate and partnership law, regulatory law, securities law, entertainment law and intellectual property law is saying a lot about a little piece of his life.

That’s the professional stuff. His clients include national and multinational firms. He balances that out with his busy household of seven children - the seventh, a son, was the tie breaker between boys and girls.

And there are the foster children who have called the Giles household home until they were permanently placed with other families. In once case, two children returned to their biological father, who has developed a friendship with Giles and his wife, Teresa.

It should be noted that the Gileses also actively recruit family to moved from their native state of Utah to Iowa. The couple arrived here in 2000 so that Giles could attend Drake University Law School as an Opperman Scholar. They had every intention of turning around and going back west after he graduated, but the place had a grip on them.

“Iowa just feels like home,” he said.

Giles also has served as a missionary in Ukraine and Ecuador. He was in the Latin American country from 1995 to 1997, and was there  when Ecuador’s government was overthrown. He has been tear-gassed, chased by a man with a machete and had guns pulled on him. He never felt he was in danger.

“It’s fascinating and disheartening to see similar things happening in Ukraine,” Giles said. He taught legal courses in Ukraine in 2012.

“Ultimately there’s a bigger world out there and a lot more problems than what we can solve,” he said. “It has geared me to give back. I feel very blessed to live where we live and have the opportunity for education and work opportunities.”

Reasons he’s a Forty:

• Active in church and community as an ecclesiastical leader, youth leader and mentor, baseball and basketball coach

• Graduate of the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute

• Member of the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute board

• Member of the Iowa Public Broadcasting board

• Member of the Greater Des Moines Partnership regional workforce development/education board