By Dorene MacVey | Founder, ithrive31

"Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." --Albert Einstein

What a year this has been! It is no surprise that many of us are physically and mentally exhausted. So much of our energy has been spent responding to the chaos around us. It happened so fast, we didn’t even recognize how our personal energy was being consumed daily (sometimes hourly) by the challenges that were popping up everywhere.

The ratio of energy-out to energy-in has been dramatically disproportionate. So now, only halfway into 2020, you may be feeling like there are no reserves left in your energy tank. I feel it too. It has caused me to pause and reflect how I want to show up and engage in the second part of 2020.

My desire is to make a positive impact in the world. That starts with a strategy to fill my energy bucket and be intentional about where I direct it. Here are three essential energy codes I keep top-of-mind as I work to bring my "A" game to work and home.

The energy code of Attitude

One of the greatest gifts we have is choice. Each day offers a new opportunity for how we want to show up. Energy influences how we act, because it is the lens through which we perceive the world. We can see the world as constructive and healing (anabolic energy) or destructive and draining (catabolic energy).

Both types of energy are necessary, but the key is to be aware of how we are approaching situations so we can make a conscious choice and use the energy that best serves us. Attitudinal energy can fuel or drain us, and it influences what we have to offer others. Choose wisely.

The energy code of Alignment

Being aligned is about feeling fulfilled both personally and professionally. We find fulfillment when we tap into our passions, talents and interests. We find meaning here. Especially through the pandemic, it can feel like life is just happening, without any sense of control or ability to align with our true desires.

Yet there are small things we can do daily to bring alignment to our lives. One of my clients had a draining job and she was coming home every day exhausted. Her passion was writing. By integrating 30 minutes of writing into her daily routine she found energy. Pay attention to what brings you meaning and take steps to create alignment. Energy will flow.

The energy code of Action

The wonderful thing about energy is its constant change and movement. Through our actions, we have more control over our personal energy than we may realize. This action code is a personal empowerment code. I implement this principle by outlining my intentions on a written plan. I write down actions I will take over a 31-day period that bring energy into my personal life and into my business.

By focusing on what is right in front of me, 31 days at a time, momentum is created. My energy is constantly flowing, and I am directing it. What actions will you commit to over the next 31 days that will bring energy to your personal and professional life?

By combining Attitude + Alignment + Action we can fill our energy bucket and create a powerful momentum. Be intentional about the way you spend the second half of 2020, and never forget the impact you can make by stepping fully into your "A" game to bring a positive energy to the world.

Dorene MacVey is the owner of ithrive31, a coaching and personal development company. Dorene has over 25 years corporate leadership experience with Rockwell Collins (currently Collins Aerospace) and works with organizations and personal clients providing one-on-one leadership and group coaching. She is a certified professional coach and a master practitioner of Energy Leadership Attitudinal Assessment.