By Ginny Wilson-Peters | President and owner, Integrity Integrated

Encourage the heart by giving people positive feedback. Great leaders take the time and commitment to encourage the heart of people, and yet many people and leaders struggle with this. Because of this, employee engagement can be negatively affected. 

When people are asked "Do you need encouragement to perform at your best?" 60 percent of people say yes. Now, you can look at that and say that means 40 percent of people don’t need it. However, when the same people are asked, "Does encouragement help you perform at a higher level?" 98 percent of them say yes. This means even people who are internally motivated will acknowledge that it is helpful for them to get positive feedback. 

I really encourage you to look for opportunities to provide positive feedback. Engagement says people should get positive feedback at least once every seven days in their work time. Make it a priority, put it on your to-do list, take time to walk around and interact with people and give them positive feedback. This will encourage their heart, make you a better leader and create engagement in your organization. 

Ginny Wilson-Peters, president and owner of Integrity Integrated, is a leadership coach whose work ignites others to explore new possibilities in their lives. Nineteen years ago, Wilson-Peters started Integrity Integrated, a leadership development and executive coaching organization that creates authentic leaders, builds dynamic leadership teams and connects leaders around the world. Wilson-Peters currently facilitates leadership programs in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and the Quad Cities. She is also a lecturer for the University of Iowa Tippie Executive & Professional MBA programs.