They call it March Madness, and chances are it's coming to an office near you this week.

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament technically begins tonight with first round games, and continues tomorrow night when the University of Iowa takes on the University of Tennessee. The real show starts on Thursday and Friday, with 32 games spread over a two-day period, including Iowa State University's matchup with North Carolina Central University on Friday night.


For basketball fans, Thursday and Friday are two of the greatest days of the year. And with the Iowa flavor in this year's tourney, even non-sports fans will probably be filling out brackets and paying attention.


Heck, even Warren Buffett is offering a billion dollars, yes billion, for correctly picking a perfect bracket.


What does this mean in the office?


A new survey from OfficeTeam, a Robert Half company, finds that many employers actually use March Madness to their advantage. A total of 32 percent of senior managers interviewed said activities tied to the tournament boost employee morale, and 27 percent said the tournament has a positive impact on worker productivity, compared with only 11 percent that say it has a negative impact.


So, we want to know: 


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If you make a slam-dunk with your answer, we just may put it in tomorrow's Business Record Daily.