Iowa Realty Co. Inc. has launched an application for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that shows you homes for sale when you point your mobile device at a neighborhood. 

The Iowa Realty app’s Home Scan feature brings listings to your device by compass points. Just point your smartphone or tablet in any direction, and listings appear on the screen. The initial floating box provides an address and price range. Click the box, and you get a summary of the listing and, in some cases, views of its features. You can, for example, peer inside a two-bedroom, two-bath condominium at 100 Market St. that is for sale for $287,000.

The app has been available for about three months and has 42,000 users and accounts for 27 percent of all of the company’s digital traffic, said Brennan Buckley, Iowa Realty’s senior vice president for marketing. 

Iowa Realty agent Bryan Schwartz said the app is useful for buyers and sellers. He recently used it to convince a client that an asking price was too high. Schwartz used the app to find nearby houses for sale to prove his point.