Greater Des Moines developer David Walters has reached a deal with the Iowa Department of Revenue to settle a claim in his 2-year-old bankruptcy case. The state had filed a claim for $24,979 in unpaid registration fees for nine vehicles that were registered in the state of Montana to DJW Homes of Montana LLC. In August 2012, Walters filed an adversary case, claiming the registration fees could be discharged under bankruptcy law and further stating that he was a resident of Florida during the time period the Department of Revenue said he should have paid Iowa fees on the vehicles. Under the terms of a stipulated agreement, Walters will pay the state $10,000, beginning with a $1,000 payment that was due Nov. 30 and installment payments of $500 that begin Jan. 1. Walters filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors in November 2011, claiming $27 million in debts and about $587,000 in assets.