To hear Mike Nelson tell it, virtually every project is a challenge, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


Nelson has been involved in his fair share of challenges in downtown Des Moines and in other states in recent years, including the rehabilitation of warehouses and office buildings into residential and retail projects.


In Omaha, his Nelson Construction & Development has completed the transformation of a former federal building into a 152-room hotel with 22 different room configurations.


A recent project is the reconstruction of the former All Play arcade and entertainment center at 615 Third St. into offices for Trilix Marketing Group. This will be a return to a past life of sorts for the building, which once was the headquarters for shopping mall developer General Growth Partners.


Nelson Construction & Development worked with Slingshot Architecture to design the workspace for Trilix's 40 professionals. Work included fabrication of a metal stair tower, opening the upper floor and an advanced heating and cooling configuration.


But why read more when you can watch the build-out as it progressed? Click here to watch a time-lapse video of the transformation from playground to workspace.