About the map:
You can zoom in and out and click the different icons to learn additional information about the projects. In addition, the icon in the top left corner will bring up a drop down of all the different projects sorted by category. In this area, you can also choose to remove different categories from the map. We've broken the projects into four main categories. New construction, renovations/improvements, demolition, and future development sites. The icons are color coded for convenience:

Yellow- New construction
Blue - Renovations/Improvements
Red - Demolition
Purple - Future development sites
Green - Complete

We'll be continuing to update the map with projects in the central business district as they happen. We hope you enjoy our new tool!

Did we miss something?
With so many projects going on in the central business district, we are bound to have missed something. Our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, so if we missed something, or you see an incorrect item, please let us know and we'll be happy to consider making the change or adding the project to our map. Just email editor Chris Conetzkey at chrisconetzkey@bpcdm.com.