Ground Breaker Homes hoped to tune up some interest in a Norwalk spec home and development by hosting a HomeDitty concert.

Kalen Ludwig, director of sales and marketing for Ground Breaker homes, said the company wanted to invite its "sphere of influence" to an event that would showcase its work and benefit another local business, HomeDitty, which was launched in 2017 by Katie Byers.

That sphere consisted of about 50 friends, family and business acquaintances who were invited to the private HomeDitty concert, held in a home in the Blooming Heights development. Local artists Ryne Doughty and Matt Woods brought the music.

"By connecting with the HomeDitty and hosting a home concert, it’s a fun way to showcase what the development and home has to offer without any high-pressure open house stereotypes. What a good way to catch up with friends, city leaders, past clients, lenders, other real estate agents, etc. This will not be an open house with background music. This is truly a sit-down concert and a unique experience for all attendees," Ludwig said.

Byers said the typical focus of her 2-year-old business has been on home hosts and building a national house concert network. The HomeDitty network can count hosts in more than 30 states.

"The business has definitely grown larger and faster than I expected," she said.

Though bringing musicians into private homes is HomeDitty’s sweet spot, Byers has worked with a range of private businesses and nonprofits.

"There are lots of great partnerships with other businesses in the works in 2019, but nothing that I can announce officially yet," Byers said.