The availability of affordable housing for a range of age groups is a concern that has sparked discussion in many communities across the country, including the Greater Des Moines area. In the state of Washington, some communities are addressing the issue by changing zoning to allow pocket neighborhoods, reports Sheri Koones for Forbes. Pocket neighborhoods are small groups of houses arranged around a shared common area, Koones writes. The densely populated neighborhoods can be found in urban, suburban and rural areas. Not only are the houses in affordable price ranges but their close proximity to each other allows for neighbors to connect with one another. An architectural firm in Washington – Ross Chapin Architects – coined the term “pocket neighborhood” and in 2011 published a book on the topic. In the past decade or so, several pocket neighborhoods have been developed in Washington. They can also be found in Carmel, Ind., Manzanita, Ore., and Ashland, N.H.