Rowat Cut Stone & Marble Co., a fixture on the Des Moines industrial landscape since 1882, is moving to Norwalk and, after more than three decades, toward new ownership.

Teresa Van Vleet-Danos, who went to work for the founding Rowat family in 1984 and used her sales commissions and a loan from her family to buy the company in 1986, has purchased a 12,000-square-foot warehouse that sits on two acres at 369 Hakes Drive in a business district on the south side of the city.

That means she will have plenty of room for storage and the fine cutting of limestone, granite and marble she has supplied to businesses and luxury homes throughout Greater Des Moines.

Van Vleet-Danos bought Rowat from descendants of the Scottish stone mason who founded the business and supplied limestone for the Iowa Capitol. She is selling Rowat to another immigrant, Adis Halilovic, who has worked at Rowat for about 12 years. He left his native Bosnia with his mother and brother after his father died during the Bosnian War in the mid-1990s.

The name will not change. “He wanted to keep the historic name; that was very important to him,” she said.

Van Vleet-Danos will continue to own the Norwalk property, which was purchased for $585,000, and will maintain an office to assist Halilovic during the transition.

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