Strike Rider Corner from your memory bank and replace it with Urban Loop, a new brand unveiled Tuesday by the city of Urbandale that refers not just to that dogleg in Interstate 35-80 between Merle Hay Road and Hickman Road, but to a four-square-mile development area that has more connections to the interstate system than any other community in Greater Des Moines.

The city has spent months on a branding effort for the area, and years in the planning and staging for the full complement of commercial development that has occurred there -- some of it hidden behind the interstate -- and is yet to come.

Economic Development Director Curtis Brown pointed out that there is 700 acres of land open for retail, office and industrial projects. With the completion next year of a full diamond interchange at 100th Street and the completion of the Meredith Drive interchange and Iowa Highway 141 flyover in 2020, access to that land will be easier and safer.

“We need to be able to tell the rest of the metro and regional developers a new name, a new identity for an area that becomes clearer … that carries with it a sense of momentum, a sense of opportunity,” Brown said.

The area should become a place name that erases "Rider Corner" and its reference to a bygone coal mining era.

“Our goal was to create that identity that as people become more accustomed to the name, as they link the name and that geographic boundary … they understand. That’s like if you say East Village. It’s kind of undefined but you know it when you go there. We want to create that word, it’s a very quick hit and you say 'here it is,'” Urbandale City Manager A.J. Johnson said.

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