Another breach has brought the issue of personal data security to the forefront.


This time, P.F. Chang's China Bistro announced this morning that there has been a breach involving data from credit and debit cards that customers used at its restaurants, USA Today and others reported.


The company is encouraging customers "to be vigilant about checking their credit card and bank statements." story outlines four reason you should get used to getting hacked. The reasons: We've moved all of our information online, more retailers, hospitals and restaurants are storing our personal data, hackers are getting more skilled, and even boring data such as names and birthdays can be a useful tool for hackers to piece information together.


report released last month said that nearly half of all adult Americans have had personal information stolen in the last 12 months.


And even in situations where you think you are safe, you may not be. story details how easily hackers can steal information over a public Wi-Fi network at places such as coffeehouses.