For popular Ingersoll Avenue tavern Flanagan's Restaurant & Lounge, St. Patrick's Day was what Black Friday is in the retail trade. Revenues could pay a year's worth of bills.


However in Flanagan's case, the cash flow probably won't forestall a sheriff's sale that is scheduled for March 28.


The tavern and restaurant at 2120 Ingersoll Ave. was supposed to change hands last year, when founder Tim Flanagan said he was retiring and selling the operation to an investment group. According to records with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, that group is Ingersoll Sports LLC, and its majority owner is David Clemens. However, Polk County property records show that Flanagan remains the owner.


Flanagan and Clemens could not be reached for comment.


According to court and sheriff's records, U.S. Bank won a $190,000 judgment against Flanagan and his operating company in April 2012. Records also show unpaid state sales taxes totaling $50,594 and federal tax liens for $19,413 for delinquent withholding tax payments.